Kristina Jovanovic

Playboy Model, Health Enthusiast

"With Alexia I felt a deep relaxation, I felt so peaceful and comfortable and really fell into where I was during our sessions. I experienced improved mental clarity and relaxation, that is one thing along with peace that I really experienced. Alexia also brought up my grandmother, who has transitioned, so there was some emotion there and I really felt her closeness, I mean my grandmother was my best friend. I would definitely recommend Alexia."



Lawyer, B.A. J.D.

"During my sessions with Alexia, I felt a sense of peace and relaxation as she guided me through meditation. Alexia intuitively knew the right questions to ask and her energy made me feel comfortable sharing some of my present challenges with her. She prompted me to think about my situation differently than I had before. As a result of the sessions, I felt more clarity which allowed me to hear certain messages from my intuition. Alexia also had a wonderful sense of compassion. I would recommend her sessions for anyone seeking greater inner peace, guidance, support and connection."


Andre Viel

MBAR Certified HOPE Recovery Coach

"I was going through some difficult emotional issues and it seemed to be happening at the same time every year and when I realized that I didn't know how to fix it. I reached out to Alexia and she was able to work with me and help to bring me to a headspace where I could actually deal with this and figure out what was going on and she was very good at guiding me through this. I would recommend her to anybody going through any kind of situation that you need guideance and healing. You can really feel her presence when talking with her."